Bismuth Nitrate Pentahydrate

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Appearance:Colourless Crystal PowderCasno:10035-06-0
Einecs:215-136-8Density:2,83 g/cm3
Melting:30ºCBoiling:80 ºC
Flash:°CSoluble:Soluble in mineral acids, ethanol and acetone.
Detailed Specification
Bismuth Nitrate pentahydrate(%)Min 99.0
Completeness of solution Pass test
Substances insoluble in nitrate(ppm)Max 20
Chloride(ppm)Max 20
Sulfate(%)Max 100
Silver(ppm)Max 10
Copper(ppm)Max 10
Iron(ppm)Max 5
Arsenic(ppm)Max 5
Lead(ppm)Max 20
Substances not precipitated by H2S(assulfates)(ppm)Max 100
Packing: 25KGs or 50KGs Paper Drum
Application: Mainly for the manufacture of drugs and bismuth salts, may also be used for making various kinds of catalyst materials.
Synonyms: Bismuth ternitrate; bismuth(3+) trinitrate; bismuth(3+) nitrate hydrate (1:3:5)