Yttrium Stabilized Zirconia Bead

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Appearance:White BallsCasno:1314-23-4
Melting:2700ºCBoiling:4300 ºC
Flash:5000ºCSoluble:Non-toxic, odorless, stable in chemical properties, low in thermal conductivity
Detailed Specification
Items Unit Values
composition (wt%) 94.7% ZrO2 5.2% Y2O3
Density g/cm3 6.00~6.08
Hardness HV 1150~1400
Mohs 9
Packing density g/cm3 3.6~3.8
Crushing load Kgf(?1.5mm) ?75
Water Absorption % 0
Available Sizes mm Ball ?0.2??0.5??0.8??1??1.5??2??2.5??3??4??5??7??8??10??12??15??20??25??30??40??50?
Cylinder ?3*3, ?5*5, ?7*7, ?10*10,?12.7*12.7, ?15*15, ?20*20
Roundness % 95
Color ? milk white
Wear rate Planet ball mill?general test condition? (%) < 0.2
Planet ball mill?strict test condition ?(%) < 1
Packing: 25KGs or 50KGs Drum
Application: Applications of Zirconia Grinding Media:
1) Iron and chrome-based magnetic materials (for audio/video recording tapes) and other magnetic materials
2) Electronic-grade ceramics(ferroelectric, piezoelectric, dielectric, capacitors, sensors, etc.), advanced structural ceramics, and other ceramic ingredients.
3) Nanostructured and superfine powders.
4) Toner materials for photocopiers and laser printers.
5) Inks, dyes, paint, and other pigments.
6) Pharmaceutical, food, chemical, and textile applications.
7) Lab milling operations demanding minimized contamination from milling media
Synonyms: Yttria Stabilized Zirconium Oxide Bead;Yttrium Stabilized Zirconia Ball;Y-TZP Grinding Ball;Yttrium Stabilized Zirconia Cylinder