nano tin dioxide

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Appearance:Light Yellowish PowderCasno:18282-10-5
Melting:1127ºCBoiling:1800-900 ºC
Sublimation:1800-1900 ºCFlash:1800-1900 ºC
Soluble:Insoluble in water.
Detailed Specification
Appearance  Light yellow powder
Purity  99.9%
Diameter D / nm (X-ray diffraction)  4-9 (or according to customer needs)
Diameter D / nm (TEM method)  6-10 (or according to customer needs)
Diameter D50/?m (laser particle method)  1.0-15 (or according to customer needs)
Morphology  Spherical
Specific surface area / m2g-1  5-85 (or according to customer needs)
pH value  7.0
Bulk density / g (ml) -1  0.6-1.8 (or according to customer needs)
Packing: 1KGs, 5KGs Bag, 25KGs Paper Drum
Application: Widely used in electronic ceramics, catalysts, polishing abrasives, electrical alloy contacts, ceramic pigment, gas sensor.
Synonyms: nano stannic oxide; Tin (IV) oxide; Tin Dioxide; TinoxidePURATREMmeshoffwhitepowder; Tinoxidewhitepowder; Tinoxide; Tin iv oxide; C.I. 77861