nano tin oxide soliquid

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Appearance:Light Brownish SoliquidCasno:18282-10-5
Melting:1127ºCBoiling:1800-900 ºC
Sublimation:1800-1900 ºCFlash:1800-1900 ºC
Detailed Specification
Chemical Composition SnO2 (doped ions according to customer needs)
Appearance Brownish Sol
Purity >99.9%
Diameter d / nm (X-ray diffraction) 1-3
Diameter D / nm (TEM method) 2-5
Morphology Spherical
Tin dioxide content 40wt% Max
pH 7.0 (or according to customer needs)
Packing: 1KGs, 5KGs Bottle, 25KGs Barrel
Application: Stable colloidal particles of amorphous SnO, may need to add a specific amount of a particular element according to the customer, such as a wide range of added silicon, iron, copper, cobalt, nickel, antimony, phosphorus, indium fluoride, rare earth plasma. Tin dioxide sol transparent anti-corrosion coatings, catalysts, catalyst supports, transparent conductive films, solar cells, and other areas of flame and smoke suppression coating has irreplaceable advantages.
Synonyms: nano tin oxide sol; nano stannic oxide soliquid; Tin (IV) oxide; Tin Dioxide; TinoxidePURATREMmeshoffwhitepowder; Tinoxidewhitepowder; Tinoxide; Tin iv oxide; C.I. 77861