Bismuth Needle or Bismuth Stitch

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Appearance:Silver White NeedleCasno:7440-69-9
Melting:271ºCBoiling:1560 ºC
Soluble:Insoluble in water.
Detailed Specification
Assay(Bi %)Min 99.99
Cu (ppm)Max 10
Pb (ppm)Max 10
Zn (ppm)Max 15
Fe (ppm)Max 10
Ag (ppm)Max 40
As (ppm)Max 3
Tc (ppm)Max 3
Sb (ppm)Max 15
Cl (ppm)Max 15
Sn (ppm)Max 2
Cd (ppm)Max 1
Hg (ppm)Max 0.5
Ni (ppm)Max 5
Packing: 50KGs Iron Drum
Application: Widely used in inorganic synthesis, electronic ceramics, chemicals and other areas and mainly for the manufacture of ceramic capacitors, piezoelectric ceramics, piezoresistances and other electronic ceremics components.
Synonyms: Bismuth metal powder; Bismuth Powder [KP]; Bismuth, elemental