Arsenic trichloride

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Appearance:colourless oily liquidCasno:7784-34-1
Einecs:232-059-5Melting:−16 °C(lit.)
Boiling:130.2 °C(lit.)
Detailed Specification
Synonyms: Arsenic trichloride; Arsenic butter; Arsenic chloride; Arsenic chloride (AsCl3); Arsenic(III) trichloride; Arsenious chloride; Arsenous chloride; Arsenous trichloride; Butter of arsenic; Caustic arsenic chloride; Caustic oil of arsenic; Chlorure arsenieux; Chlorure arsenieux [French]; Chlorure d'arsenic; Chlorure d'arsenic [French]; Fuming liquid arsenic; HSDB 422; Trichloroarsine; Trichlorure d'arsenic; Trichlorure d'arsenic [French]; Arsenic trichloride [UN1560] [Poison]; UN1560