EASCHEM's logo reflects its principles of cooperation, innovation, steady and sustainable growth, and harmony, conveying EASCHEM's sincere commitment to helping its customers realize their value and launch a variety of competitive services through continuous management improvement, innovation and an enterprising spirit. With the introduction of the visual identity, EASCHEM will develop more steadily in an international and professional direction, focus increasingly on customers, and grow in a healthy way by creating a harmonious business environment together with its customers, partners and peers.

EASCHEM's logo is an extract and reflections of the company's culture and values.

Cooperation (Customer-focus )
The circle shapes indicates EASCHEM's commitment to cooperation with our customers, partners and peers in balance, equality and mutual benefits.
Stable and contemporary, the logo indicates that EASCHEM will continue to provide innovative, customized and competitive products and services for our customers with an enterprising spirit, and jointly face the challenges and opportunities of the future together with our customers.
Steady-and-sustainable growth
A confident and optimistic symbol, the logo conveys a sense of maturity and steadiness in a professional and international manner.
Adopting a graduated tone while keeping voyaging "E " in reverse way, the new logo looks natural and compatible, and acts as a metaphor for EASCHEM's partnership strategy and open-minded attitude, indicating that EASCHEM will maintain its healthy growth and create a harmonious business environment.

The Brand Signature

The EASCHEM Brand Signature exists in short, long and complex formats. Always use the preferred long version over other two versions, except in special circumstances. The Brand Signature includes an icon and the word of New Mind New Way. The Icon in the Brand Signature have been created for our exclusive use. The Brand Signature must never be modified in any way (i.e. do not squash, stretch or try to re-draw it). It must appear against a correct and uncluttered legible colored background. When selecting a background color, care should be taken to ensure legibility.

Old Used Logo: