Star of Season

Noa Song
Senior HR Director

In 2018, EASCHEM had just entered the RE market when I joined the company after graduating from university. It was a difficult time for EASCHEM. Nobody would seriously consider a Chinese company and the common belief was that products made in China were cheap and of low quality. Anyhow, I decided to stay with EASCHEM well. I felt that EASCHEM's employees were exceptional people with creativity and a very good business sense. I felt they were diligent, persistent, and I admired their sense of achievement. With time, EASCHEM's persistence during that difficult time started to pay off. After two years in development, we signed many important orders in a short time and grew rapidly in the market.
In terms of career, I also grew fast in EASCHEM. I was promoted to Marketing Execute manager when EASCHEM needed to deal with local business issues. At the same time, I worked as an assistant to the president of the regional representative office. Then, with the development of the market and more and more local employees are joining EASCHEM, I was assigned the role of deputy director of the human resources department to help the top management to communicate with the our staffs effectively.

My career development is a common path for many young managers who joined EASCHEM as fresh graduates and could grow to become experienced managers in just a few years. They are now controlling a huge amount of capital and managing a large chemical market spanning the Asia, Europe and America. All this gives us a tremendous sense of accomplishment that is hard to feel in other companies. We all feel part of a process and we now fully understand what it means to grow with EASCHEM.