Currently EASCHEM set a storage and logistic center, which has 20 professionals in total covering 8000 square meters with a yard area of 20000 square meters, the center becomes the connections of the goods transportation from operating, making documents, packing auto warehouse management. We continuously develop and improve business Logistics based on modern managing mode and advanced service net.
In Center, we have ten 3-ton Heli forklift, three 10-ton Heli forklift, one 45-ton reach stacker, one 36-ton hard scrape and thirty-eight new-model Steyrs and eighty other-model trucks. All the vehicles are equipped with GPRS system supervised by EASCHEM. The warehouse has 24 hours electronic monitoring system. The drivers of EASCHEM have rich experience and excellent skills. We have standardized management on vehicles that monitors the mobile operational process and requires all the drivers with mobile phones 24-hour power-on.
The storage and logistic center implements standard operating procedure. We offer full-way tracking service from factory to the port of destination. We provide comprehensive service and make specialized requirements on group own products.
1. We arrange the stacking of the products and safety transportation according to international standard. Our products are carried by well-performed truck equipped with piloted close bottom displaying automatically all kinds of warnings.
2. The transportation of all the cargos possesses mandatory documents and safety documents.
3. All the transporting carriers and drivers are equipped with totally individual protective equipments and other necessary equipments so as to reduce the danger in accident and the injury caused by the pollutants.