EASCHEM has been working with leading consultancies such as PwC and FhG to carry out management transformation in order to keep abreast with international industrial benchmarks. In terms of Integrated Supply Chain (ISC), human resources management, financial management and quality control, we have undergone comprehensive transformation, introduced the industry's best practices, and established IT-supported management platforms.
Through consistent implementation of management transformation, we have gradually perfected our operation and management processes. In addition, we have managed to strike a balance between our company's size, business profitability, and cultivating our expertise.
Process Realignment
With the introduction of practical industry benchmarks that are implemented through processes such as Marketing Management,Integrated Supply Chain and Customer Relationship Management, complemented by the transformation of our financial management and human resources management , we have completely transformed our business processes and established an IT platform to support such transformation.
Organization Transformation
Starting from the process lines, EASCHEM's Executive Management Team strengthened the decision-making ability of the marketing system for understanding customer requirements and planning EASCHEM's strategic direction and business development. With the help of Marketing Management Team, Operation & Delivery Management Team and various other supporting teams, EASCHEM has ensured the efficient implementation of an overall strategy that is driven by customer needs.
Quality Control and Production Process
EASCHEM's process system including its own 3D warehouse, the automatic warehouse was designed by Siemens of Germany. The new system reduced the need for transportation of materials and decreased process time, thereby increasing the all-round efficiency and quality of transportation.
Financial Management
In 2011, EASCHEM inaugurated the Integrated Financial Service program, addressing all essential financial reporting functionalities from a highly responsive platform. The new Integrated Financial Service program provides a uniquely strong backbone for EASCHEM's future business expansion and fulfillment of our strategic goals. Integrated Financial Service capabilities also fulfill the essential role of extending and deepening our partnership with leading customers.
Supply Chain
EASCHEM has developed a flexible supply chain, which has enhanced our competitiveness in terms of providing fast, cost-effective and quality supply. We have also formulated pertinent supply guarantee strategies and built flattened manufacturing organizations that allow us to meet market demands efficiently and flexibly. In addition, we carried out transformation of the Integrated Supply Chain to ensure that new processes and systems were implemented effectively, and also introduced quality engineering technologies to continuously improve supply chain capabilities and customer service. We have also developed partnerships with principal suppliers, enhanced purchase performance management, and carried out supplier certification procedures based on the industrial benchmark.