Our Fundamentals:What we expect from each other
Each unit must share and use better practices. 
Each unit must have a clear definition of where accountabilities and decision powers reside. 
Each unit must have an action plan to ensure improvement of its business performance and working climate.
Every team and employee must have updated business and competency targets and receive timely feedback on performance against these targets. 
Each unit must have an action plan to ensure the development of teams and individuals based on business requirements and employee input. 
Every manager must establish and maintain procedures in the unit for living up to relevant laws, regulations, and EASCHEM's commitments. 
Each unit and every employee must know how they create value for their customers. 
Every manager requiring reporting from others must explain the actual use of the reports and the added value. 
Every manager must continuously make it easier for the employees to liberate energy for customer related issues. 
Every manager and unit must actively support cross-unit projects and working relationships of relevance to the business.

Our Personality: Who we are:
Spark - curious, fast and enterprising
We nurture creativity and courage because the greatest ideas are always unexpected and we must be ready to act, when opportunities turn up. We are curious, fast and enterprising making us able to see things in a new perspec-tive, step out of the routine and rid ourselves of limitation.
Passion - we love what we do and make it happen
Being dedicated and constantly fascinated allows us to realize big ideas. We love our work because it is challenging and gives access to a cleaner, greener, and easier everyday life; and we're determined to make it happen.
Openness - we do what we say, and say what we do
We open our doors and take the time to listen because the most relevant ideas are formed in dialogue; and when ideas are good, we make sure they travel openly and are quickly acted upon.
Science - good science makes for better business and better lives
We honour a long-term commitment to science by applying a combination of discovery, experience and understanding to unlock the magic of nature's own technology to create better business and better lives.

Our Values: What we stand for
Each of us shall be accountable - to the company, ourselves and society - for the quality of our efforts, for contributing to our goals and for developing our culture and shared values.
We shall set the highest standard in everything we do and reach challenging goals.
We shall conduct our business in a socially and environmentally responsible way and contribute to the enrichment of the communities in which we operate.
Engaged with stakeholders
We shall seek an active dialogue with our stakeholders to help us develop and strengthen our businesses.
Open and honest
Our business practices shall be open and honest to protect the integrity of EASCHEM and of each employee.
Ready for change
We must foresee change and use it to our advantage. Innovation is key to our business and therefore we will encourage a learning culture for the continuous development and improved employability of our people.

Our Commitments: How we do business
Financial responsibility
We will work to continuously improve our financial performance by setting high objectives for growth and value creation and deliver competitive performance in these areas. We will maintain an open dialogue with our stakeholders and comply with international reporting standards.
Environmental responsibility
We will work to continuously improve our environmental performance by setting high objectives and integrating environmental and bioethical considerations into our daily business.
Social responsibility
We will work to continuously improve our social performance by setting high objectives and integrating social, human rights and health & safety considerations into our daily business.