Changsha EASCHEM is a leading company of marketing and distributing chemicals and new materials under EASMATERIAL GROUP by reregistering from Easchem International from China since 2013.

We, EASCHEM, are the brand with the aim for erecting up Big Chemical Data Platform, studying frontier technologies, exploring market opportunity, developing innovative products and providing good services to clients in chemical and new material area.

Currently, Changsha EASCHEM is mainly engaging in chemicals and new materials import&export, domestic storage and distribution. We focus on top quality products and excellent supply chain management, make full use of advantageous resources and self-broad international business perspectives, provide good quality products, services and solutions to fulfill the market challenges and needs of our clients at home and abroad.

We are very strong and active in Rare Earth, High Purity Materials, Nano Materials, Rare Metals, Non-ferrous Metals; We are also distributing Inorganics and Organic Chemicals; With over 2000 products and first-class supplier base, EASCHEM offers one-stop-shop solutions to more than 500 customers in global semiconductor, electronics, aerospace, glass, pharmaceutical and chemical industry which covers 80 countries and regions in the world.

We are in rapid growth and popularity among customers since 2013, we attribute these to our emphasis of providing high quality products on consistent base from approved supplier sources; Along with competitive prices and the balancing maintenance of warehouse inventories this has been stimulating ever-growing confidence from our customers; We are regularly forging new business relationships with new customers by these referrals from satisfied customers.

Until now, We have been establishing long-term business relationship with more than 1000 suppliers and clients as either qualified sales agent or sourcing partner in China and other countries like Korea, USA, India, Japan, Europe, Brazil etc. 

Sincerely welcome friends from all over the world, let's take an opportunity in sitting together and discussing how EASCHEM can become a partner in your supply chain solution with a view to forging the common ground for business and friendship based on equality, mutual benefits and respect.

“Good Quality, Heart Service”, EASCHEM is always there for you, Welcome!