EASCHEM understands the importance of the well-being of our employees, and pays utmost attention to our employees' work and life. We have set up an Employees' Club, which is in charge of organizing various activities to enrich and enhance employees' lives, such as picnics, dancing balls, and singing competitions. A variety of clubs have also been established to encourage employees in the pursuit of their own interests, including English, dancing, and singing clubs. Furthermore, we have a Family Day program to enable our employees' family members understand EASCHEM better.
The Employees' Club also has a web-based internal and external network providing information on a wide range of topics, including health, living, transportation, children, education, tour, and dance training. Employees are also encouraged to give back to society, such as donating to the Red Cross, disaster-stricken areas and our Hope School foundation, which is dedicated to helping provide education to less privileged children.


EASCHEM places great importance on the recruitment of its workforce. EASCHEM has become a leading supplier thanks to its exceptional employees who regard EASCHEM's success as their own achievement. Actively engaged in R&D and truly committed to the needs of its customers, EASCHEM is expanding across the world. EASCHEM offers its employees enormous growth potential and gives them the chance to make a difference in any place and at any time. We have selected the following stories to show you the human side of EASCHEM and prepare you for the challenges and rewards that you will experience in our company. We are looking for outstanding people sharing one great dream: To draw a better life through Creation and Dream.